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The 4 Ps you need to attract the next generation of talent

Millennials and Gen Zers are an elusive mystery to anybody over forty. They’re known for having big ideas, changing the status quo and looking for new, positive life experiences.

They also bring with them a new way of looking at company culture and work life.

The next generations’ idea of good company culture is all about self-improvement, and an empowering, positive way of working. The future of our industry is shifting to a place of working hard and achieving your career goals – now that doesn’t sound so alien does it!?

But how do you, as a company, evolve to meet the new generations’ expectations, how do you attract the next generation of talent?

Published in Ontario Constrution News February, 17, 2021

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Susan Smith - Founder of Just for Contractors -web design marketing and branding
Susan Smith
The Founder and Strategist & Lead Designer of Just for Contractors

Susan and her team help contractors and the skilled trades get ahead of their competitors with a one-of-a-kind website that actually works,
backs up their excellent work and brings in the kind of clients (and team) they want.

She’s been in the construction trade since she was a kid — her dad owned a 100+ people tool and die business, her husband and now her 3 kids are all in the
trades. She understands them and was tired of seeing the really crappy websites the construction trades had online and hearing them say "I don't get any leads
from my website". If their website was crappy, they were losing business. It was time to intervene.

You can find Susan on LinkedIn.
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