About Us

Here’s where we come in.

At Just for Contractors, our goal is to bring you consistent and qualified leads through your website, so you can stop being embarrassed by your dated website and make sure your favourite type of customers are making your phone ring off the hook.

You need a predictable stream of quality projects, and we know how to get you there: through great reviews, a solid plan, clear messaging, and a captivating design.

We understand you have more important things to do than to muck around online. Besides, would you want your electrician install your granite countertops?

Instead, let us experts get you where you want to go.
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Hit the nail on the head every time with 6 easy steps

When you’re at a job, you have a step-by-step plan you follow to make sure your work is top-notch. So do we.

01 Discover

We examine your strengths and weaknesses and establish your challenges, opportunities,
and goals.

02 Plan

We gather, research, and analyze all the data, and build out
your strategy.

03 Create

We put our hardhats on and get our hands dirty, building your web presence 
from the ground up.

04 Refine

We make the finishing touches and tweaks, making sure your customers will love what they see.

05 Launch

We push your project live so your customers can find your amazing services.

06 Warranty

Warranty Includes minor corrections, tweaks to web pages, but it does not include new design or new pages.

Are you ready to jump in and build consistent revenue? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the marketing buzzwords. We’ll break it down and lead you on the path to making more green.

Let’s start with step 01.
Let's book a call, I'm ready!


Susan is your girl
Just for Contractors founder Susan Smith
The Founder and Principal of Just for Contractors, Susan Smith, was born to talk shop with the best of ‘em.

Susan’s been surrounded by trades since she was a kid, since her father owned a 100+ people tool and die business. The early mornings, the late nights… Relaxing in the evenings was not an option for him.

Maintaining a steady flow of clients for his family was his main focus. The real issue was time, or lack of. There was never enough time to get it all done and he missed out on a lot of the family activities.

Susan’s still surrounded by shop talk. Her husband is (coincidentally) also a tool and die maker, and her three sons are in the trades too: one is a carpenter, one is an electrician, and one is a plumber. Her dinner table is filled with colourful conversation—just the kind she loves!

To back up her experience in the trades, Susan holds an honours degree in web design and a certificate in email marketing. She’s got a ton of web projects under her belt, and she understands the minds of the wives often making interior contractor hiring decisions.

Find out how a 30-minute call with Susan can help you generate more business.
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