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Construction’s changing.

The Yellow Pages are over – word of mouth referrals are backed up by Google now.

When someone recommends you, they check your website and your online reviews to see if you’re as good as you sound.

You may already have a fantastic in-person reputation – but what does your website say about you?

If your website looks unprofessional or outdated and your reviews leave a lot to the imagination, that word of mouth referral goes looking for someone who ticks all the right boxes.

It’s time to put down solid foundations for your company online and back up your hard work with a website that sells what you do.

Does your website do your company justice?

Get a free website audit (did we mention it’s FREE, seriously, just do it!)

Say goodbye to website shame.

Upgrade your online presence and build a kick-ass one-of-a-kind site that will blow your competitors out of the water and make attracting great talent easy.

Our team of designers, writers, developers and marketers work solely with contractors and tradespeople.

Promoting construction companies online is all we do.


What our clients say

“Even though I knew what I wanted, I had no idea how to go about it. Susan was very patient and open to suggestions, and always found workable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. As a result, my website is elegant, clear, eye-catching and user-friendly, and I’ve already received numerous compliments – and some business! Merci Susan!
Dominique Denis

“Susan Smith has done a fantastic job designing our website. We have had extremely positive results and feedback from our clients. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who wants a great web site designed for them with innovative ideas and at affordable price.”
Ben Neirop

Private Jet Tours

“Susan has been a huge help with getting my print ad material ready for various publications. Her patience & dedication has been invaluable as there have been many revisions because as the projects evolved so did the requirements. Thank you Susan! I can’t wait to see what our next project will be!”
Kimberly Stark

Strategic Sales and Marketing

We help contractors like you beat out your competitors with stunning websites, memorable brands and online marketing that gets you seen.

Your website should be your hardest-working employee. Are you taking good care of it?

Free or cheap DIY website builders may look easy, but they won’t bring customers to your doorstep. Just like building a house, a solid website needs a trustworthy foundation.

With our tried-and-true process, we dig deep to ensure you have a sound structure, and build it up so that your website brings a steady flow of leads to your doorstep, enabling you to avoid the feast-and-famine sales cycle.

Start creating a legitimate online presence today.

Sick of the off-season eating into your profit margins?
Of cringing inside every time someone mentions your website?

We can build you a kickass, effective site that does justice to your work, validates your bids, and makes attracting great talent easy.

Here’s why:


We live in your world

We’ve been in the trades for generations. We focus specifically on working with contractors and tradespeople, because we know your industry inside and out.

We leverage your happy clients

It’s always the problem clients that leave bad reviews. We help you manage your online reputation by tapping into the satisfied majority to make sure the world knows just how awesome you are.

We don’t just solve the surface issue

If you’re just looking for fast cheap work, you can go elsewhere. We create you a long-term marketing asset to make sure the right people are lining up to hire you.

We tell you exactly how it is

No buzzwords or fancy-schmancy marketing speak. We tell you in plain English what your trades business needs to build and maintain year-round lead generation.

Don’t get spooked by strategy

A solid strategy is like the perfect blueprint. It shows you where you need to go and how you’re going to get there.


A lot of online stuff might not make sense right now, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

No stress, no frustration.

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