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Why Is Company Culture So Important For Hiring & Retaining Workers In The Construction Industry?

Building your company culture is vital for retaining top talent and enticing new, skilled workers to apply for your open positions.

A company culture that works for your employees improves productivity, performance, and staff engagement. What does that mean for you? More work done at a higher quality!

But why is company culture so important for hiring the best of the best for construction workers? How does it help retain your star workers?

Today we're going to show you exactly why you should (and how you can) improve your company culture to attract more talented workers to your business - while keeping your current staff happy.

What exactly is company culture?

Your company's culture is your identity. It's what people associate you with, and if you have a good or positive culture, more people will want to work for you.

Company culture includes:
  • Your values
  • Your employees
  • Your environment
  • Your actions
All of this goes into the character of your company and, in turn, represents your company's culture.

Every construction company has a different culture. A big part of attracting workers in the construction industry is presenting a positive company culture in your job listings, on your career page, and your social media profile.

Let's take a closer look at each part of your company culture.


Your values are at the heart of your company culture. They're what you believe in. They shape your workplace into an environment that attracts ideal staff. Your values help your employees focus on their work and provide direction for their job.


Your employees are a critical part of your company culture. They're living and breathing your culture, and any new employee will look at staff testimonials when considering your company.


Your employees' environment or workplace is an essential part of your culture. You should ensure their environment has everything they need to feel comfortable working with you.

For example, do you provide them with a safe workplace? Is it a stress-free, friendly environment? Do they have access to a breakroom? All this helps improve the culture of your company.


Demonstrating your values to your employees is key to showing them that you have a positive company culture.

For example, the relationships you have with your customers, suppliers, contractors, and your presence in the construction industry overall. Actions speak louder than words, and if you have great relationships with people, your company will appear as a positive place to work.

4 reasons why company culture is important for your construction company

1. It increases employee engagement

Did you know that companies with a positive culture have 72% higher employee engagement ratings than those with weak cultures?

Employee engagement means your team is passionate about work, motivated to do their best, and connected to you and your company.

So, the happier your employees are with your company culture, the happier they'll be with the work they're doing. If they feel comfortable with your company, they'll be motivated to do more within the company. They'll be passionate about the work they're doing and strive to do more for you.

77% of employees say that an engaging company culture affects their experience at work and helps them do their best work.

So, having a solid company culture will inspire your employees and motivate them to become better at the job they're doing.

2. It decreases turnover

The average retention rate in our industry is 57.3%! If you want to be seen as a decent company with a supportive culture for staff, your turnover rate shouldn't be higher than 10%. But, to get there, you have to improve your culture and give your employees a reason to stay.

Some employees leave their job because of the pay. Others go because they feel it's not the right fit for them. But employees who don't like their organization's culture are 24% more likely to quit.

Your goal as an employer should be to create a culture that promotes diversity and inclusivity. Build a company culture that makes your employees feel at home when working in your company.

65% of employees consider company culture when deciding to leave or stay. So if you have a negative culture, you could end up losing some of your best employees.

3. It improves productivity

Your company culture is key to improving your employee satisfaction and keeping them happy in their position.

For example, if your culture prioritizes teamwork, but your employees prefer working independently, then they're not going to be satisfied working with you.

But! If you work on building an organization that provides a balance of teamwork and individual advancement and work, then you'll be able to satisfy them and persuade them to stay.

If you can develop a company culture that meets the needs of your employees, they'll feel more comfortable doing their job, which means their productivity and performance will improve.

4. It attracts new talent

Positive company culture is exactly what you need in your construction company to attract star talent to your team.

Nobody will want to join a team if the culture is crap. People want to feel like they're essential to a company! If they see you have a hostile working environment or your goals and ideals don't match their own, they're going to end up working for your competitor instead.

So, to keep hold of all the new, upcoming talent in the construction industry, make sure your job listings, social media, and your careers page positively highlight your company culture.

A great way to show your potential employees how fantastic your company is to work for is to post employee testimonials. Employee testimonials give them a positive look into what you're like to work for and encourage them to apply for your open positions.

This is only one way you can show off your company culture, but how do you improve your culture to retain and attract employees?

How can you improve your company culture?

There are loads of ways you can improve your company culture, but today we're going to show you five ways to improve your culture, retain employees, and attract new talent to your construction company.

1. Listen to your employees

Don't assume you know how your employees are feeling. They might have a problem that they're not telling you about, and encouraging them to talk with you will show them that you genuinely care about their well-being.

When they talk with you, be sure to consider everything they're saying. Show them you care about their problems. This will improve the trust they have for you and your company.

2. Build strong relationships

Your employees work for you, but this doesn't mean you should treat them like a number in your business. Build solid and unbreakable relationships with your employees so they truly feel like they're part of a team.

By building a solid relationship with each of your employees, you'll reduce your turnover rates. Plus, you'll show potential employees that you're an employer that genuinely cares about their employees.

3. Recognize good work

When your employees do a good job, tell them they've done a good job! Nobody wants their work to go unnoticed so if you see that your employee has done a fantastic job on a recent project or build, tell them about it. Tell them you're proud of their work and reward them now and then.

By recognizing good work, you'll enhance your company culture, become known as a caring employer, and improve your productivity rates. People tend to work better after being praised for good work.

4. Show your support

The well-being of your employees is vital for the success of your construction company and the happiness of your employees.

If your employees are going through a difficult time, show you care by being there for them and helping them wherever you can. For example, if they've suffered a loss, let them know that they can take as much time off as they need.

5. Make the necessary changes

If your employees are unhappy with the way something is done, don't give them empty promises. Provide them with the solutions they're looking for and make the changes needed to improve their productivity and enhance your company culture.

If your employees have asked for something and you take their request seriously, they'll respect and trust you a whole lot more.

We hope our blog has helped you understand why company culture is necessary for hiring and retaining workers within the construction industry.

If you're still not sure why you should be improving your company culture, then maybe you could use a bit of help!

The team at Just For Contractors specializes in helping construction companies get their name out there on the job market. We excel at helping companies like yours attract and retain star employees so you can break the cycle of continual hiring and recruitment.

Want to start improving your company culture?

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