How To Encourage Skilled Workers To Apply To Work for Your Company

Everybody wants the best of the best working at their construction company. That's just natural. But, because everybody wants top talent in the industry, there's a fight to attract the best candidates.

If you're struggling to attract educated, talented, and skilled workers to your business, you’re not alone. With The Great Resignation still in full swing, it’s never been harder to attract and keep talented workers.

But how do you stand out from everyone else and encourage top talent to apply to work with you?

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the chances of somebody talented joining your workforce. Today, we’re going to show you all the tips and tricks you can use to encourage top talent to apply to work with you.

1. Create & highlight your company culture

Culture is the true backbone of any company. It's what your company stands for, its goals, and how it treats its employees. Company culture usually includes several factors highlighting who your company is. This can include:

  • Your values
  • Working style
  • Purpose
  • Atmosphere

The average candidate won't care about culture. They're just looking for a decent salary. But those golden employees value culture tremendously. They already know they're excellent workers. They know they've got talent and they know their worth so what they're looking out for is a great place to work.

Your culture must stand out next to your competitors if you want to locate and secure the top candidates in the industry.

But what makes a good company culture?

There are a lot of things that go into making a great company culture, but most candidates will focus on whether:

  • Your ideals match theirs
  • You're a fair company to work with
  • The atmosphere is positive
  • They’re comfortable working there
  • It's an employee-focused environment

If you can create a great company culture and highlight it on your about page, careers page, and of course, your job description you'll easily attract more employees to your construction company.

If you build a great working environment, great people will want to work there. These skilled candidates will love their job and might even attract more skilled workers to join your business. Having a strong culture is key to building up a strong team of excellent workers.

2. Provide irresistible benefits

Many of the top candidates out there will be scanning job descriptions to see the benefits and additional perks companies are offering. Millennials and Gen Z candidates especially aren't happy with just a paycheck. They want to see what else they get from working with your company.

Younger employees won't hesitate to switch jobs if they're not getting the benefits they think they deserve. This is good news for smaller companies that can't pay out huge salaries - you can offer certain perks instead to attract more young, talented workers.

Instead of battling over salaries, you'll be able to attract the best applicants to your business by offering exclusive benefits to your employees. Some of the benefits that people look out for include:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Bank holidays
  • Holiday pay
  • Work events
  • Small rewards or bonuses for good work
  • Career development opportunities
  • Free lunch (weekly or monthly), snacks, or coffee
  • Health and Dental

If you want to persuade the best workers in the industry to join your roster, you have to start offering your potential employees benefits they can't ignore.

Your competitors will be offering these benefits too, so you can't afford to miss this opportunity unless you want to lose out on a star team player.

3. Take advantage of social media

If you want to reach the top candidates in the new generation of construction workers, you have to advertise your job posts on social media. There are over 3.6 billion people on social media and millennials and gen z candidates live on social media. They browse through various social media platforms daily to research the companies they’re considering applying for.

With so many people looking for high-quality candidates online, you have to ensure you're doing everything to get their attention first. This includes posting on social media.

You can highlight on your various social media accounts that you're hiring by making dedicated posts about it, but you can also post about what it's like to work for you. Posting behind-the-scenes images, employee testimonials, and photos from company events will highlight your company culture and encourage interested parties to seek employment with you. It'll also differentiate your company from your competitors, making you a more attractive choice.

You should post regularly on social media to get people interested in your company. It’s recommended that businesses post every day to help improve engagement and get the attention of users.

4. Write the perfect job description

The job description is what sells your company to a potential employee. If your job description doesn't tell your candidate everything they want to know about working with you, they're just not going to apply. Simple as that.

The best job descriptions don't tell the reader why they should apply; instead, they show them how applying for this job would benefit them.

When you write your job description, you should include:

  • What's involved in the job
  • The benefits of the job
  • What the company is like to work for
  • An employee testimonial
  • Images of your company and team
  • Description of what the candidate will be doing
  • The qualities you're looking for in a candidate

This will help you get the perfect candidate for the job, but it'll also help convince them to apply.

When you write a job description and upload it to your website or a third-party website, make sure that the candidate can quickly get in contact with you. The easier it is for them to get in touch, the more likely it is that they'll apply.

It would help if you also made the application process easy. Don't add unnecessary steps that might sway the candidate away from applying.

5. Know what you want in an employee

This is probably one of the most essential points to consider when searching for top talent for your construction company. You have to know precisely what you want in an employee.

There's no point in writing a job advertisement searching for an employee if you don't know what kind of employee you want to hire.

So, before you start writing your job description, posting on social media, and looking for your next star worker - figure out what kind of employee you want to hire.

Picture your best employee. Think about how they benefit your company and what their personality is like! List out their qualities on some paper and information about them.

These are all the qualities you want in your new employee.

Using this information, you can build an employee persona that will highlight precisely what you want to find in a candidate.

Now you can write your job description and your social media posts directed at this kind of person. This will make it easier for you to find the right fit for your company.

We hope our blog has helped you understand how to encourage more employees to apply to work for your business.

If you're still unsure how to improve your job search, our team will help you out!

The team at Just For Contractors specializes in helping construction companies get their names out there on the job market. We excel at helping companies like yours attract and retain star employees so you can break the cycle of continual hiring and recruitment.

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