Stop losing skilled trades
to your competitors.

Improve your company’s online reputation today and get the skilled trades you need.

If you want to hire the best in the business, you’ll need to stand out from the competition

A healthy salary isn’t the only thing top talent looks for in a job these days. They want to be part of a company that has a strong, positive culture and provides them with a great working environment.

Your company culture is key to attracting the best of the best and without it, you could be losing some of the best workers to your competitors.

How do job hunters know how great your company is? Your online presence.

When talented job seekers are looking for a new position, they go online. What do you want them to see when they find you?

Our team of marketing experts knows exactly what top talent wants to hear when applying for jobs and we can help you build a careers page that ticks all their boxes.

We’ll conduct an in-depth audit of your current website and job listings in order to help you figure out what’s not working and how you can improve your company’s reputation online.

Stop missing out on hiring the top talent in the construction industry and let us fix it for you.

Build and improve your company culture

Did you know that your Google business profile is often the first place a potential client will visit to find your contact information?

If they find your GBP and see that it’s empty or hasn’t been updated in months, they’re going to think twice about doing work with you. Most people will also click on a company’s website from their GBP but if you haven’t listed yours then they won’t consider you a reputable company. Instead of picking up the phone, they’ll bypass you and go straight to your competitors.

Don’t make prospects wonder whether your business is still open or not thanks to your empty bio and lack of opening hours! Get the help you need to update your Google Business Profile with our GBP maintenance and management services.

What’s included in our company culture services?

Complete Website Audit

Before starting any improvements, we’ll take a look at what you currently have to offer.

Our team will run a complete audit and take a close look at your:

♦ Website
♦ Google Business Profile
♦ Social Media
♦ Job Posts

We’ll go over the findings with you and discuss what your company can offer your target employees.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is vital for attracting top talent to your company. It’s one of the first places they’ll look for your business and if they see an empty profile they might be discouraged about applying for work.

Our team can work with you to optimize your Google Business Profile so it stands out to your potential employees.

We can also manage and maintain your Google Business Profile for you!

New Careers Pages

A lot of companies tend to have very plain and unattractive careers pages for their construction company.

Our team can create a brand new careers page that has everything you need to attract high-quality talent.

Get a careers page that:

♦ Shows off your team
♦ Highlights benefits
♦ Showcases awards
♦ Is easy to read
♦ Is mobile-friendly

Creating Job Listings

Writing effective job listings is incredibly difficult, but our team can work with you to build job ads that appeal directly to your target employees.

We’ll create job listings that:

♦ Highlight benefits
♦ Showcase employee testimonials
♦ Show off your company culture
♦ Gives the reader a reason to want the job
♦ Attracts the best of the best

New About Page

Writing a detailed about page for your company is exactly what you need to show your potential employees what you’re all about.

Our team can put together an about page that highlights:

     ♦ Why you’re a fantastic company to work for
     ♦ How you can provide them with the culture they’re looking for
     ♦ Your awards
     ♦ Your current team and why they’re fantastic

Company Branding

To keep everything consistent our team of marketing and branding experts will work alongside you to ensure your job listings and social media posts match your branding.

Consistent branding, especially on job posts, will make you look more professional which helps attract more of the right talent to your company.

Let us update the branding on your job listings so you can attract more high-quality employees to your job listings.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from happy clients will outline exactly why you’re the perfect company to work for.

Client testimonials show your potential employees that you truly care about the work you do.

Our team will help you gather client testimonials and post them on your website and social media

Glassdoor / Employee Testimonials

To get an idea of what you’re like to work for, your potential employees are going to look for you on Glassdoor.

Our team will help encourage your employees to leave positive reviews about what it’s like to work for you.

You can also use these testimonials in your job listings!

What are you waiting for?
Start improving your company culture today and get those skilled trades through the door!


What are the benefits of improving your company culture?

happy boy and girl jumping on bouncing ball.
When you work with Just For Contractors we’ll improve how your company culture appears online and help you:

♦ Attract more high-quality workers
♦ Secure lasting relationships with employees
♦ Reduce staff turnover
♦ Retain more of your top talent
♦ Improve your visibility online

If you don’t improve your company culture then you could risk losing out on the best talent in the construction industry!

Show your potential employees that you’re the right choice to work for by improving your company culture today with our company culture services for contractors and construction companies.

Stop losing out on high quality talent, improve your company’s reputation online today!

Let us do the hard work for you by optimizing your website and job listings so they appeal to your target employees.

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